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1. For ease of assembly, the instructions you receive with the bed will refer to "right" and "left" as if you were standing at the head of the bed, looking toward the foot of the bed. See instructions online.

2. While the bed can be assembled by one person, it's easier and faster if two people put the bed together.

3. Before beginning assembly, confirm that all bed components, including your foundation legs (if ordered), have arrived. It's best to assemble your bed "from the ground up." Assemble the foundation first. Next, if you purchased Foundation Legs, attach them to the foundation. Finally, assemble the mattress.

4. It usually takes about an hour to assemble a bed and foundation.

5. It takes up to 15 minutes to fill each air chamber for the first time, depending on the bed model and size, but it takes only seconds to set or change your firmness level once the bed is filled.

6. Even if you like a "firm" mattress, you might want to try a softer setting on your air bed because the overall body support of air makes firmness less of a factor. Our research shows that most people end up sleeping at a setting far softer than they would have imagined.

7. It can take a few days to "get used to" your Sleep Number bed, and to find just the right comfort setting. Don't forget to always set or change firmness levels while lying on the bed.

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