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Initialization steps for multiple Firmness Control™ Systems

  1. Unplug both of the base units.
  2. Plug in one of the base units. (You must complete the following initialization process within 60 seconds of plugging unit in.)
    1. Use the remote that goes with the base that is plugged in.
    2. Simultaneously press both the firmer and softer buttons on the right side of the remote. The display will count down from 10 to 1, then "-" will appear, then "C1" will appear.
    3. Release both buttons when the "C1" appears.
    4. While C1 is displayed, again simultaneously press both the firmer and softer buttons on the right side of remote. Now "1C" will appear. Release the buttons and the proper Sleep Number® will be displayed.
    5. Allow the remote to go blank.
  3. Unplug the base unit that you just initialized and go through the same process with the second base and remote. Allow the second remote to go blank.
  4. Plug the first base in. Now each base will only respond to it's specific remote.
Note: If you attempt this sequence a second time immediately following the first, without unplugging the unit, you may cause an "E0" code to appear. If you see an "E0", simply allow the remote to go blank, unplug the unit, wait 20 seconds, and then follow the sequence for initialization once again.

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