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Your Sleep Number bed is lighter than any conventional bed, making it much easier to move. We suggest that you completely disassemble the mattress, foundation and frame when moving the bed. Here are some tips when packing your Select Comfort bed.

  • The cover and foam should all be double bagged to prevent stains.
  • The chambers should be deflated and boxed to prevent possible abrasions and other damage.
  • The pump should be packed in a box, surrounded by some sort of packing material if the original pump box is not available.
  • The remote (if applicable), caps and instructions should be tucked in the box with the pump to prevent them from being lost.
  • Although the foundation is very strong and durable, it can be bent or twisted during moving which will cause damage. We recommend completely disassembling the foundation for moving.
  • Disassemble the frame and headboard, save all hardware in a bag and tape it to one of the larger frame parts.

If you need instructions for re-assembly of the bed, visit our Assembly & Tips section.

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