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Cleaning Questions:
The Sleep Number® bed is unique from most other mattresses in that you can open up the cover. Occasionally opening the cover to "air out" the mattress will allow any moisture build up to evaporate. In addition to being able to open the cover of all Sleep Number® beds, all of our beds have an anti-microbial foam which has been sewn into the cover. The anti-microbial foam used in our mattress is similar to those used in hospital mattresses.

If mold or mildew does develop, we recommend cleaning the surface of the air chamber using 1 tablespoon bleach to 1 cup water and apply with a rag to the surface of the air chamber only.
  1. We recommend spot cleaning your mattress cover with sparkling water or mild detergent. Do not dry clean the mattress cover or put it in a washing machine. Also, please do not apply stain-guard, as it may cause yellowing of the fabric.
  2. For allergy sufferers, an added benefit of owning a Sleep Number® mattress is the ability to air it out by unzipping it or cleaning the surface of the air chamber with a vacuum attachment or by applying a bleach solution (use 1 tablespoon bleach to 1 cup water and apply with a rag to surface of air chamber only).
  3. If you have further questions regarding the cleaning of your mattress, please contact the Sleep Number® Customer Service department by clicking here.